Old photo restauration

Restoring your old photos can bring old memories to life in no time. I can help you restore your photographs that have seen some little accidents over time or even been significantly damaged.

How can I help you

High-end photo restoration service includes straightening and cropping, fixing exposure, contrast, tone, details, removing stains, dirt, scratches, ink splotches, repairing rips and fading, restoring cracks, removing traces of water damage and any other imperfections to your original photo. I have to get rid of the noise and enhance the image.

The way I work

Each delivered original old photo should be digitized and scanned at a high resolution. Taking a photo with your smart phone and sending me this file simply will not result in a great reproduction so I do not accept low quality source files.
The best way is to scan your photos at a resolution of 300-600 dpi, save them as TIFF or JPG and then submit for restoration. For quality scanning / digitising extra costs are appreciable.

I work with your picture in a non-destructive way so you always have your scanned but not edited picture for comparison.You will receive your digitally restored photo by cloud service with download option. The link will be emailed directly to you.

How much does it cost to restore old photos?

It takes a long time to give the image its original look back. That’s why this option is not really cheap. The most important role here plays the amount of hours spended for restoring the image.

The extent of the damage is another important factor which determines restoration time and affects the final result. The photo could be blown out by sun rays, lost it’s color or yellowed, with missing areas, torn edges or even completely in pieces. It might be damaged by water or maybe even got slightly burned. Besides that each photo may ask different approaches and techniques to be used. But the result is always valuable.

I do not have a flat rate for these services but can indicate that cost of the restoration starts from €60 per image. Extremely damaged photos may incur additional charges and can grow up in some difficult cases. It depends also if you want the photo to be restored just in black and white or it should be also colorised.

If you do not know what the colors were on your old photo, I will use our best judgment based on the shades in the photo and the time period the image is taken. Colorizing photos will definitely bring new life to your precious memories.